Open Garden Day + Tomato Tasting Contest

Photo by Laurie Fanelli for The Homer Horizon

My big event last Saturday, the Open Garden Day + Tomato Tasting Contest, was fantastic! I had a blast preparing for it and then meeting and greeting visitors throughout the day. THANK YOU to each of you who came!

I’m grateful for the publicity I got, too. Right before the event, the Ferry-Morse Seed Company shared my post showing a large Garden Leader Monster tomato grown from one of their seeds. My local paper, The Homer Horizon, featured me on their cover and ran a story about the event. WELCOME to each of you who recently subscribed to my newsletter as a result of that event!

Speaking of results, here are the results of The Gardener Wife Tomato Tasting Contest 2018 (photos by Patt Bailey):

#6 Sun Gold from Iron Creek Farm of LaPorte, IN

Best Tasting Cherry Tomato
#6 Sun Gold from Iron Creek Farm of LaPorte, IN

Best Tasting Full-Size Tomato
#13 Hungarian Heart

Best Tasting Non-Red Tomato
#5 Dark Cherry

Apparently not everyone who voted for Sun Gold put it in the Non-Red category. Yellow Pear cherry tomatoes (#7) received the next highest number of votes. It’s too bad that this tasting did not include the top winner from previous tastings I’ve had, Super Sweet 100s. Sadly, I did not have enough ripe ones ready on the day of the tasting.


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