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We just had a garden walk come to my kitchen garden this weekend. This was the first garden walk sponsored by the Homer Glen Junior Women’s Club, and it was the third time I’ve put my garden on a garden walk. It was a panic to get everything planted, weeded, and looking nice so early in the season, but it was definitely worth it. Thankfully, my best friends helped with the weeding. Garden walk day itself was a blast! I loved talking to everyone about what I’m growing and how I use it.

I was surprised at how many people had not been on a garden walk before. One said she “didn’t even know it was a ‘thing’!” If that’s you, too, I strongly encourage you to go on one this summer. Whether you have a garden of your own or not, it’s fun to walk through private gardens that others have created and tended. Plus, it’s educational and inspirational for those of us who do garden: you get to see what’s growing well in your area and how other gardeners have designed their space. I go on two or three every year, and I take lots of photos to remember them by.

You can learn about garden walks in your area from local garden clubs, from local newspapers (Here’s an example from the Chicago Trib.), and by searching online.

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